Police Visit to Youth Club

Cowpen Neighbourhood Officer PC Fisher came along to youth club on 16th November 2016. He gave a talk and demonstration of Police work. He also answered the many questions of the youths.

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PC Fisher gave advice on stranger danger and staying safe online. He also talked of the negative impact of anti-social behaviour and how there is no victim-less crime. There was also some discussion around what is the appropriate time for youths of their age to come in at night which led onto advice being offered on bike safety, especially at night time where lights etc should be used

Questions were then put to PC Fisher, an officer of 17 years, on a variety of subjects including the use of Police horses, how many crimes in one day and what are the usual crimes, why do you arrest people and the type of equipment like tazers and sticks used for protection.

The youth club members were then allowed to try on some protective riot equipment and were given a demonstration in its use.


Our grateful thanks to PC Fisher for taking time out to come along and do that for us.

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